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Ambassador Protocol
6209 Bird Race
Columbia, Maryland 21045
Telephone: 410.290.0436

Ambassador Protocol provides diversity training for individuals interested in gaining the knowledge and skills to demystify the behaviors of others and communicate successfully with people from different cultural backgrounds. You will leave this training knowing the importance of responding to cultural differences of employees, clients, customers, friends, students, and family members. We offer customized programs for your specific needs, and we are available for speaking engagements.

Our programs address the following topics:

Karen Dates, Administrator"The instructors with Ambassador Protocol have in-depth experience in the etiquette and protocol practices that are necessary in every business and organization. Our society needs to understand cultural differences and we need to embrace these differences through behavior that is not considered rude, impatient or demeaning while keeping integrity and professionalism intact. It is especially important for young people to learn the value of good manners at an early age."

Karen E. Dates-Dunmore
Administrator, Independent K-12 School
Baltimore, Maryland

  • Increase understanding and enhance appreciation of other cultures
  • Identify and confront racism
  • Enhance communication skills with members of other cultures
  • Address biases and stereotypes
  • Understand the positive and negative aspects of cultural diversity
  • Discover flexible thinking
  • Build respectful relationships with global companies, clients, and colleagues
  • Gain awareness of body language and gestures
  • Learn Continental dining style
  • Learn how to greet and host international visitors

When interacting with individuals from different cultures, leaders in the twenty-first century global marketplace must never take for granted that polite behaviors in one culture are the same as polite behaviors in another culture. Extending a hand, holding a chair, and offering a gift may or may not be acceptable business or social practices depending on one's cultural perspective. This training will teach the necessary skills to building respectful relationships in both personal and business interactions.

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