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John Scornaienchi and Joan Webb Scornaienchi

Ambassador Protocol specializes in protocol and etiquette training for corporations, universities, schools, government agencies, religious organizations, community groups and individuals. Our mission is to advocate civility and ethics in social and professional interactions.


JOHN J. SCORNAIENCHI, Co-Founder and Protocol/Etiquette Consultant
JOAN WEBB SCORNAIENCHI, Co-Founder and Protocol/Etiquette Consultant

Good Manners Mean Good Business

Today, more than ever, good manners mean good business. While some corporate leaders may argue that nowhere is etiquette more important than in the work environment, educators and parents may argue that it is nowhere more important than in schools, homes, and communities. Contrary to popular opinion, etiquette is not about rules. Etiquette is about building relationships and providing tools so individuals, schools, and companies can thrive and succeed by making ethical decisions. Ethical behavior has become a necessity for success in the academic and business environments. As we have all seen in the news, a lack of ethics, civility, or good old-fashioned manners may result in school and workplace violence, scandals, damaged reputations, firings, high turnover, financial ruin, lawsuits, and in extreme cases - imprisonment.

The global market demands that leaders build ethical and professional relationships in order to achieve success. Ambassador Protocol offers customized programs to assist current and future leaders in developing and enhancing their competitive edge. In our seminars, you will learn the necessary skills to interact with confidence and build trusting relationships.

We offer protocol and etiquette training at your site whether it is the boardroom, classroom or dining room. Our programs are conducted at corporate sites, training centers, government facilities, universities, schools, restaurants, civic meeting places, and places of worship.

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