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Ambassador Protocol
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Ambassador Protocol provides etiquette and protocol training to businesses of all sizes. Listed below are just a few of the many programs we deliver that will enhance the skill level of your executives, managers, sales staff, and customer service professionals. Our seminars and workshops are available in full-day or half-day segments and can be held at your location or at one of our open enrollment sites. We offer customized programs for your specific needs, and we are available for speaking engagements.

Opening Moves for a Great First Impression
This popular program positions you to distinguish yourself from the competition, develop and maintain business, project a positive image, and build teamwork.

Create a Culture of Trust with an Integrity Advantage
Common sense is not always common practice. Our instructors will present the simple, yet forgotten business principles that win relationships and maintain your credibility.

Communication for Success
Effective communication continues to be the main ingredient for success in today's marketplace. Our program focuses on critical tools such as professional behavior in business and social gatherings, proper attire, handshaking, and electronic communications.

International Business Savvy
Ambassador Protocol will help broaden your global awareness in areas such as hierarchy of rank and status, business card protocol, international customs, and business greetings and introductions.

Sports is All Business
Whether it's a round of golf, a game of racquetball, or tickets to the baseball game, our instruction will provide guidance on entertaining the client, the written and unwritten rules of the game, attire, being a good sport, and "playing" with confidence.

Dining and Entertaining
What is your style of eating -- American or Continental? Do you know the difference? Ambassador Protocol will train participants in the two distinct styles and provide a complete tutorial that includes toasting, seating arrangements, rules for the guest and host, and dining dos and don'ts.


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